Our team appreciates the unique circumstances that bring each patient to us; experiences with amputation are deeply personal and the path to recovery looks different for each person. Healing from surgery, design and fit of a prosthetic device, and rehabilitation time vary by individual, but each phase requires patience and persistence. Throughout the prosthetic process, your understanding of procedures, limb care, and device maintenance is a priority. We are here to listen, to problem solve, and to celebrate the confidence you discover along the way – both with your device and within yourself.


For an overview of the fabrication process, watch our video “New Prosthesis”


Prosthetic Options

We offer state-of-the-art, customized solutions for all levels of amputation – partial foot, below knee, above knee, hip disarticulation, and the upper extremities. A thorough evaluation and discussion with your prosthetist about your lifestyle, functional level, and goals will determine the most appropriate options for you. We encourage those who are just beginning the process, as well as those looking for an improved fit or second opinion, to schedule a no-fee, no-obligation consultation. This is a life-long journey; the relationship you have with your prosthetist is going to play a key role in your progress. We look forward to earning your trust.





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