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“We work as a team,” says Peter. “Our practitioners and technicians come together, watch the results of what we did, and communicate with patients about what is right and what we can improve.”

Our master technician, Peter Farrar, offers 40 years of experience crafting prosthetic and orthotic devices. He has developed unique manufacturing processes that reduce the opportunity for error throughout the design process. Unlike central fabrication centers, Peter does all of his work on-site and is responsible for every step of building a device. In addition, he is part of patient fittings. He insists that this approach sets Prosthetic & Orthotic Solutions apart.

A highlight for Peter is developing relationships with patients and giving them hope.

“When a patient stands for the first time after being down for six or seven months,” says Peter, “I know instantly how good it is going to be. I can reassure them, ‘Don’t worry, I’m watching you and you are going to be good at this.’”

Peter is proud of his team’s commitment to patient satisfaction.

Our technician has a relationship with owners Craig Babyak and Christian Rogers, that goes back many years. Peter earned his associate’s degrees in prosthetic and orthotic technology respectively, and worked for several years as a registered technician in Minnesota. When he and his wife relocated to Massachusetts, Peter joined the same facility where Craig and Christian were working at the time.

When Craig and Chris decided to open Prosthetic & Orthotic Solutions, Peter was with them from day one.

“I knew they were focused on what patients really need and putting patients ahead of profit,” Peter says. “I knew they were really trying to do it right.”